Victorian buildings are imperfect by their very nature and trying to perfect them is not being sympathetic to them.

Houses are meant to be sanctuaries, where we can be ourselves, and relax from social norms. They should be welcoming places that we want to return to after a tiring day. A sterile perfect house seems cold, and probably demands constant attention to maintain the high level of perfection. And no one has time for that anymore.

We believe a house needs to form a strong image of a simpler life, with no pretense of purity or unnecessary material objects.

By challenging the conventions of beauty, we open our minds to a broader place, and gain the potential to appreciate more of the world around us.  This is important because we are so often dissatisfied with our world and situation because we are basing our ideas of happiness and success on a narrow definition that is ingrained through not breaking the norms and “keeping up with the Joneses”.  There is undoubtable beauty in those beliefs as well, but they are in the end limiting. And in this sense, our houses can be appreciated through an alternative lens. It can also be designed through that lens.

That does not mean to say our work is imperfect by the way. We keep things simple so that genuine humanness can shine through in every project. 

Embracing the imperfect, uncertain and incomplete and creating a feeling which relaxes us as soon as we walk into the front door.